[Solved] To many licences


i’ve tried this morning to installate audirvana on a second pc, because there are two installations are

allowed when i use only one at the same time.

I received the message that i’ve to many installations.

I had a problem in the past and took a new installation from windows to the hard disk. I also got a new

case on my audio pc.

I’ve also a back up the complete windows Installation with all programms on a second hard disk.

But this hard disc is on my shelf and not installate in a pc, its only a backup.

In fact I’ve at the moment only one installation of audirvana on a pc, but i got the massage, that there are

to many installations.

Is there a possibility to help?

Best regards


Hallo together,

until now there was no answer to my post and no help.
Is there anybody out there who can help me?

Best regards


Hello @TommiS,

I deleted all your computers from the license database. You can now activate up to two of your PC.

To install your license key on your PC, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Install the trial version

  2. Unlock your trial version with your license key.

Best regards,

Audirvana Support team

Dear Damien,

thank you so much for your kind help!

Best regards


Dear Damien,

when I use a new CPU in the System where audirvana runs. Is it then neccesary to activate audirvana again?

Best regards


Hi Damien,

I have similar issue. I am setting up a new Macmini media server and installed fresh Audirvana and must have licensed on the Mini but then decided to clone OS from previous machine after some other unrelated issues. I now can’t license on the Mini. Can you plase reset my computers also?

Thanks and regards


Hello @Deanski,

I deleted all of your computers in our database. You have now two activation of Audirvana.

Best Regards,
Audirvana Support team

HI @TommiS,

Audirvana is linked to your operating system so if you change your PC components like your CPU you don’t have to reactivate Audirvana. Be careful if you change the hard drive where your operating system is running, you will have to reactivate Audirvana.

Best Regards,
Audirvana Support team

Dear Damien,

thx for your replay.
In this days I’ll will take a new back up from my main hard-drive with the Operating System and all Programms I use.
It will be a complete mirror
I will not really use this copy, but in the cause of a systeme damage it will be more simple to exchange the harddrive than replace all programms with their individually settings, wich i optimized in the last weeks.

In the case of the limited activation I think there is a gernerall problem, in cause of the “life-time-licence”.
If there sometimes audirvana will not further supported, there will no possibility to use audirvana in further times.
I understand your problem about not licenced copys, but for us as customer it is not the best way like it is at the moment.
You are friendly and helpful, and set the licences back, but more simple it would be, if this was not neccessary.
Anyway, thx for your help!

Best regards Thomas

Hello Damien,

I am experiencing the same issue. Could you please reset mine as well as I went through a couple of few Windows installations.

Thanks in advance,