[Solved with the 1.10.2] Unable to check license

1.10.0 is playing fine, but twice a message came up saying the License cannot be verified. Check my internet connection.

The first time I had to log in again. The second time the music stopped.

I suspect the issue is at your end.


I noticed it too. Had the same message as you with version 1.10. AS was already playing for a while when suddenly the message came up. After providing my login data AS stopped and I had to restart it again. My internet connection was fine all the time. Let’s wait and see if it happens again.

Same thing happened to me with the first track I played after the update. It has not re-occured since that first time.

Later - I take it back - just happened again, license message and then crash.

Same to me.
I just disabled the new function on my Audirvana.

I have had it happen 4 times now, will try with the new function switched off.

But the good news is that it still won’t auto fill your info for login.

Just tried disconnect and fresh login, let’s see what happens!

Is this a wide-spread issue with the update?

I ask because I’m wondering if I should wait a day or two for the update since I really don’t need any of the changes.

I’ve only done my laptop for now. Just a couple minor issues but you might be smart to wait. The Audirvāna team could be still tweaking it presently?

Note to self: Perhaps don’t release updates on Friday :wink:

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Do you have the issue on a Windows or MacOS device?

Mine is on a Mac running OS 12.1

MacOS 12.0.1

Thanks! It’s a long weekend here in the US, so I’ll wait until Monday night or so and see what’s up then. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @glen , Yes just say no

Even with the new login function unchecked it still crashes big time. Hold off on the update, I’m going to move from laptop to mini.

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I’m running Win 10.

On OSX 10.13.6
It just happened again. (Oops I did it again.)

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@Mercman , When the note pops up and you click on the button do you get a crash ?

Lol , That’s just wrong :expressionless:


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Crash for me too. And then I have to log in again. As if the new function itself finds it time to switch PCs.

It generated a crash report for Apple once only, Well at least the team knows by now, checked or unchecked it’s an issue. It’ll be a good thing when it’s sorted especially if you change computers often.

You have your Brittney Spears on CD still don’t you :rofl:
Might be a good weekend for vinyl……….