Some albums from Tidal not playing


since I have an Tidal account for 2 month now, I noticed that some albums doesn’t start to play with Audirvana. Current system is Mojave (10.14.1), but it was also the case with High Sierra. When using the Tidal application there are no issues at all. As an example one could try the latest Mark Knopfler album “Down The Road Forever”.

Does anybody has an idea what the problem is, or is it a bug in Audirvana?



You must have a 320kbps TIDAL subscription, not a HIFI one.
There is an issue with some recent albums on TIDAL 320kbps where they are served as mp4 video files, with only an audio track, and not as MP4 audio file.
I have developed a workaround in the soon upcoming 3.5 release of Audirvana Plus for Mac for this.
TIDAL HIFI subscription is not affected as it serves FLAC audio files.

I’ve finally released this fix in the 3.2.13 that is now available.