Some albums in Audirvana Plus not showing in Remote

Has anyone experienced this issue: All my imported albums are showing up fine in the Audirvana desktop application in Album view, but when I use the A+ Remote app on an iOS device, some albums are missing. I sort both applications by genre and, for example, on the desktop version, I’ll have six albums within a genre, but in the A+ Remote app in the same genre, there will only be three of those six albums displaying.

Any help on fixing this would be greatly appreciated!

Problem solved! The missing albums in A+ Remote (but not in the Audirvana desktop application) were duplicate albums that exist in two formats (in my case, DSD128 and DSD256), and also had the exact same metadata (except, their genres were different so I could identify which was which). Oddly, the difference in their genres was not enough for A+ Remote to separate them as individual albums, but changing their titles slightly did separate them. Now all the missing albums are visible.