Some AS Issues

1.Weird things are happening: today a playlist I’ve worked on for months, 140 tracks, has disappeared, for the second time. First time it happened I used a backup database file to get it back but now it has happened again. Same playlist both times.

  1. Several albums have also disappeared from my Favorites group…

  2. Volume slider: On both the mobile app and the PC the volume slider shows the volume in point 2 increments, but only below 10 on the slider. So for a setting of 9 the slider shows 9.8, 9.6, 9.4 etc; but any setting higher than 9 the slider only shows that number. So for 10.8, 10.6, 10.4, etc the slider just shows 10. Any chance this can be changed to show all the increments between 15 to 0 instead of 9 to 0? It’s a little frustrating trying to change volume in small increments for 10 and above.


Hello @boleary,

Can you check if you do not have a active filter?

Are you sure about that? We do not remove your favorites automatically in any way, it’s only when you click on the heart icon.

What is your Volume control +/- step setting?

  1. No active filter, but nor do I have access to any filters. The icon is greyed out, see apicture:
    Screenshot 2022-05-02 150243

  2. The disappearing album favorite was not deselected via the heart icon, it just disappeared at the same time that the playlist did, both times.

  3. Identical to the picture you sent. I use a Sonre Signature that has an internal volume control that automatically syncs with AS volume slider. Thanks for replying.


Hello @boleary,

Can you send a screenshot of your entire Audirvāna Studio when you do not have the filter active?

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