Some SACD tracks are not shown

Hi All,

I didn’t touch my music system for a while but recently, upgraded to the latest Audirvana version and tried to listen some of my SACD and found that track list doesn’t show all tracks of almost every SACD. For example, it can show tracks 1,2,5,8. In previous older versions everything was OK.

I did all the database voodoo stuff - checked integrity, rebuild indexes and even defragmented the database. No luck.

Any ideas?

Best regards,

Are you on Windows? Are those track files larger than 2GB?

It’s on Mac. There are different sizes but as I mentioned, everything was working fine on earlier versions of Audirvana. Same files, same sizes

It looks like a library management issue. Try to find the missing tracks by searching for them.

It’s SACD ISO, all tracks are in a single file.

I had this problem when using Windows.
It never happened on Mac, I have the latest version of Audirvana.
Most of my files are ISO from SACD.

Did you mange to fix it on Windows? Or just converted to Mac?

I stopped using Windows and started using Mac.
With Mac it works perfect.