Some tipps for you -- maybe :)

:rofl: having fun with both of you. anyway. let´s enjoy the music. this is, what it is about :hugs:

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My platform:

MacBook Pro (2016)
2.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
macOS 12.1
Audirvana Studio 1.10.2

You are not telling me anything that I do not already understand very, very well… No reason to delve into the realm of subjective, semantical connotations and subjective observation.

Sure. Sorry about that. But at the age of 54 now, I need to push high frequencies…Everyone can take simple tests to check his frequency spectrum and how it does change when you get older :frowning:

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yes…there you can see it…“audiophiles” :laughing:

You may find this thread interesting:


Yes, and so much more to do with VST and AUs… Sure equalizing is one of the major things…Anyway do not forget about the sound signatures of your stuff. There are reasons for products like this or simmiliar: SoundID Reference - Speaker & Headphone Calibration. +++ Also you might have fun to experiment with their free SoundID™ - Audio Personalization App ++ That one takes a bit, but you get an individual file for your personal “hearing” to use at your Mac or PC…It s free to test and use :blush: +++ Anyway, myself did decide meanwhile just to equalize and use some cool effects to have fun…There is no “perfect” playback imo…

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You are speaking to a seasoned audiophile sound engineer, producer…
Listen to this and tell me if I don’t understand the context of your posts:


Another example of a recording that benefits greatly from modulation to DSD128… The original recoding was done on one of the very first Pro Tools 8-track systems, using Focusrite ISA series pre’s (20 bit ADC) and Focusrite “RED” analog compressors and EQ’s… Subsequently mastered to 15 ips AMPEX tape and then digitized for the CD master… The recording lost a lot of life in the digital transfer to the 16/44.14kHz digital master and subsequent CD release… The modulation to DSD128 brings it back to it’s full glory, short of having the 2-track tape archived to DSDxxx as the reference digital master…
It’s available as an Apple Lossless file… probably can’t find the CD to rip… I audition from an original CD rip…

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hihi, I knew, that you would come to the DSD topic…lol…let me think before answering…

Source: Basics: DSD statt PCM? | PRODUCTION PARTNER | Production Partner

If you own equipment optimized for DSD, no discussion. If you own a lot of DSD native files…no discussion…but today? Even Mr. Weiss says, that DSD would be made with 6 Bit today. For me that format it not uptodate anymore. One is fine with 96/24 PCM (see e.g. image), prob. 48/24 already…BTW Signalist HQPlayer (Version 4) can play Qobuz now. There is also a Roon integration especially for HQ Player. But this is not my world. I am really fine with HD PCM.

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No… You are going down the wrong rabbit hole… I’m not going into this one… Maybe there is a language translation problem… I’m not discussing the subjective interpretations of PCMxxx vs DSDxxx audio quality… They cannot be compared…

ah, sorry then. yes, there are cool labels that take really care for mastering.

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thank you for the tipp :hugs: will listen to that one… in DSD 128 :smiley:

:wink: :+1:

Open Qobuz :smiley:

I don’t stream audio files… :sunglasses:

This is logic to me for you…hihi… no offense please…

Ah, just in case. Qobuz sells the hires files too. ALAC, FLAC, … DRM free. Think that is their primary business. Right now they have huge promotion running with lowered prices up to 80%.

Thanks for the tip… :sunglasses: :+1:

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Yes there is… It’s the finished master recording auditioned on the mastering engineer’s playback system from which it was produced… :wink:

Yes!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: