Some tracks are not recognized when playing

Hello Everyone,

I’m using Audirvana since the beginning with a lot of pleasure.
I recently moved my whole library (about 1 To) on another hard drive and import it from scratch to Audirvana, last version.
Some of the tracks are not recognized sometimes, the program automatically shifts to the next one.
I’m sure my tracks are well tagged, they are fully recognized and played by Itunes or Roon from this same HD.
If I delete all and rebuild a new database, it’s the same but with other tracks…
The only solution is to overwrite the unplayed song with a copy of the file from another HD to the database HD ans scan the library again.
But I estimate I have about 5% of my tracks unreadable by Audirvana, it’s a lot and I don’t understand why…

Some help ?


You tried the 3 steps in optimize database menu?