Something that Would be Seriously Cool…

… would be a feature where, when you select a track/album to play from Remote, the corresponding artwork for that album appears on the laptop at full screen size/ resolution.

Is this dumb/irrational/technically infeasible?

It’s just that whenever I select a track, and my wife likes it, the first thing she asks is: “who’s this?”. It’d be great just to point to the laptop…

Anyone with me?


You’re not talking…:rofl:

Isn’t this possible already? When you click the little artwork picture in the lower left corner on the laptop, another screen appears. There you can switch between the info screen/scan option and full artwork mode with the toggle.

And on remote you can just choose whatever you want. Laptop will follow.

You’re right. You can select that view on the laptop. I guess I was hoping for a bigger image, which is just being picky, I know.

But thanks for pointing out that it will, indeed, keep up with what ever track/album I select on remote. I hadn’t thought that far ahead…

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Maybe you can connect the laptop to a desktop screen/tv screen… :wink:

Hi @Dave_Hansford

I’ve never voiced it but I was hoping for a holographic image to appear between my speakers with the orchestra or Diana Krall or a Steinway etc.




NOW we’re talking!

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I did kind of make my marriage sound a bit dysfunctional there, didn’t I?

It isn’t… Honest



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Hilariously, I considered working out a system that would project the artwork showing on the computer onto a screen… between my speakers.

But, it’s a bit baff. And definately not holagrahic, which is my real dream.

[Prediction: I’m fifty years time the holographic idea will be commonplace.]