Sometimes, searching with the mobile app is very slow

Hello, I’m using Nirvana with the remote app on an Ipad, server on a PC (Ryzen 7), database on a NAS (Synology DS 918+).

My local library is around 5000 albums / 75000 tracks large.

searching with the ipad is usually fast.

But, sometimes, the search freezes during several seconds (it may last even more than 1 minute). When it happens, I saw on the PC hosting the server than one of the CPU core is running audirvana at full speed, with no network traffic or disk activity.

It is not easily reproduced, since the same search done after this is blazing fast.

Any idea of the root cause of this ?

Happy new year !


Dear Laurent,

Like you I have been a bit disappointed when storing my music tracks on my NAS when using Audirvana. It would be unfair to blame only Audirvana for that, as although the DS918+ has good performances, it does not equal a fully fledged PC.

You may consider investing in a good 4TB external drive connected to you PC to store your music for Audirvana’s use.
With my DS415+, I have done so using Synology Drive (Server and Clients, all free from Synology), and implemented an automatic “real time” sync between the music files on the external hard drive, and the storage on the NAS (Volume1/Music).

All goes fast enough with no bottleneck, and has the benefit of offering an up-to-date backup of your music tracks.
Audirvana is quite light-footed in that configuration.

Looks like a mobile app issue. I use the NAS in my setup and the search is very fast. It doesn’t go to the NAS at all, it just searches the local database.

Do you have your library database file on your local harddrive?

Of course. You shouldn’t move it. If you want to back it up, just copy the db file.

Dear Grwfsywash, the Synology is not the root cause : I have monitored the network traffic and NAS activity during the search : there are none.

The local database is stored on a Ryzen 7 PC on a 1To SSD. Activity during the search is pure CPU only, single core.

and it is probably linked to the remote app. I have not been able do reproduce the issue with the PC interface.

Hello @Laurent69,

does the issue happens when you search an album or a track?

Hello Damien,

at last, i have found a way to reproduce it with my configuration (music file on NAS, server and database on a PC, remote on Ipad).

  • Open remote on Ipad and browse by artist (not even search). Then the Ipad indicates “loading” during 2 minutes, during which one core of the server is running full throttle. After that, artists list appears without pictures. Picture’s artist are slowly appearing with a picture of one their linked album (I suppose).

once this “initial” work is done, the browsing by artist or the search is usually fast.

Browsing by album or tracks is OK.

thanks in advance

Do you have an indexation setting enabled in your Synology?

Multimedia indexation is only enabled on video and photo on my synology. I disabled it on /music since the Synology multimedia server is too limited for my use.

Can you check your database using the three commands in the Maintenance section of the preferences page?

already done. The two first are nearly instantaneous. The defragmentation took around 10 seconds.

But no change : still the 2 minutes delay sometimes.

Once this morning, it happened when drilling down an artist to list its albums.

What is the search you do when it works and how many result are displayed?

my library has around 3000 artists / 5000 albums / 8500 composers / 75000 tracks

I think I have found partially a root cause of this issue . It may be related to the Wifi 2.4 Ghz / 5 Ghz.

Before, I had a single SSID for both frequencies, letting the ISP box choosing the best one.
Now I have separated the SSID : one for 2.4 Ghz and the second one for the 5 Ghz band. Ipad is connected to the 5 ghz band, only. throughput is around 70 Mb/s, stable.

and now browsing is really fast : even when scrolling fast in the middle of the artist page, pictures appears in around 2-3 seconds.

The remaining action that still takes a lot of times is within the artist page : you may choose to view album artists or interprets or ensemble or composer.

here are the differents actions I have timed
1- switching from album artist to interpret : around 20 seconds . going back to album artist is almost instantaneous.
2- switching from album artist to ensembles : around 2 seconds. going back to album artist is almost instantaneous.
3- switching from album artist to composers : around 1 min 50 sec. going back to album artist is almost instantaneous.

during each of these actions, one core of the server is running full throttle. and it is reproductible… Task duration seems to be linear with the number of the filtered items.

The same actions performed on the PC interface are nearly instantaneous , without any long CPU activity.

Hope it helps to investigate this issue !

Thank you for the precise report, can you give us approximatively the number of item you see when you swtich from a view to another?

album artist : around 1100 items.
interpret : around 3000 items.
ensembles : around 200 items
composer : around 9000 items.

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