Somtimes theres just not enough speakers


Are you aiming for a wall of sound? :innocent:


I just have nothing better to do.

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Crazy Phil says that Let It Be will sound magical with your system

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Lmao what was he thinking when he looked in the mirror at his hair

Mozart after a night out in Vienna :joy:

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Talk about having the big head he has it or is it like the little short guys who always buy the biggest truck they have to climb up in,little big man syndrome low he has little big head syndrome

If you get any more loudspeakers you won’t be able to fit any more remote controls in your room.
You really need to sort out your priorities.


He needs something like a Logitech Harmony. An all in one remote.


Chaos: When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future…

You’ve created a new paradigm of macro-level sound-shaping/tone-control…

Self-organized criticality (SOC ) is a property of dynamical systems that have a critical point as an attractor. Their macroscopic behavior thus displays the spatial or temporal scale-invariance characteristic of the critical point of a phase transition, but without the need to tune control parameters to a precise value, because the system, effectively, tunes itself as it evolves towards criticality.

:notes: :cyclone: :headphones: :cyclone: :notes:

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Can any one help out with some advice on connecting a lumin u1 mini into my system id like to go from the lumin to one of my dacs either topping or DSJ but i still want to use audervana and run it into the lumin and out to the dac of my choosing is this possible, plus there is no clearly marked usb out or input on the lumin u1 mini thanks in advance regards D

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