SONEC didin't show up


Just downloaded the SONEC EQ to try and installed. It didn’t show up under the effects. Only apple effects can be seen.

Any help?



Hello @Erhan_Feridun, have you installed the Audio unit (for MacOS) version or VST3 (for Windows 10) of this EQ?

I installed the MacOs version.

Can you check if you have your plugin located here? Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components


okay, now in your device audio output setting in Audirvana, can you go in signal processing and make a screenshot of the list of the Audio unit available?

Your plugin is here at Effect - Sonimus SonEQ

I think the restart solved the problem.

Hey. I also tried that EQ. Is there a way to delete it again?
Thank you.

Hello @Blanka,

To remove this plugin you need to go here: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components

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Thank you very much. I have to say I test Roon at the moment. I love the design of Roon and the combination my music and streaming in one big library. That is something I really miss in Audirvana. But the sound of Audirvana… it blows away everything. No idea how you did it but it is so awesome! Thank you for you work!

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