Song playing order BROKEN in Integrated Mode under 3.5.9!

I had already sent a message to Audirvana support, but it seems like they do not exist.

Since at least 3.5.7 and under iTunes Integrated Mode, the song playing order when in the main “Songs” window on iTunes is completely broken, in the sense that album songs do not play in the right order anymore. Instead, Audirvana forces playing the very next song in alphabetical order out of the WHOLE iTunes library, which is absolutely annoying and defeats the purpose of having a carefully curated iTunes library.

As an example, when playing the song “Duellists” from the Iron Maiden album “Powerslave” (NOT from a dedicated playlist but out of the whole library), the very next song SHOULD be “Back In The Village” from the same album.

Instead, Audirvana force-plays “Duet For The End Of Time” (from Travis & Fripp), which has nothing to do with Maiden but is simply the next song in absolute alphabetical order within the whole library.

Care to IMMEDIATELY FIX THIS, Audirvana team?