Songs less then 5 seconds, are never being count as played

Bug in Origin but i suspect in Studio too :slight_smile:

As the title says, songs of 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds and 4 seconds
are never counted as played.


And rightly so. I would not count that as played either :joy:


Also if you want to make a song count as played,
by clicking in the transport bar, you have to wait 30 seconds of playing
to be counted…

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I assume that you are, like me, a bit obsessive about accurate play counts.

The real bug here is why, on rare occasions, does Audirvana fail to add a count to the last track played in a play queue? I have a few theories on this but because as it is a rare occurrence it will be extremely difficult to find the cause of the issue.

You are correct that for all those souls who when noticing a failed count (I check each play queue for counting the last track!) that you need to replay the track preferably with an additional song afterwards and scrub to not less than 30 seconds before the end for it to be counted. I feel for you, being obsessive about accurate play counts is not an uncommon affliction.

Oh and yes, the failed play counts, it is a bug in Studio too.

My thread was open because sometimes Audirvana gives you ghost files, or f*ked an album for nothing, so you have to load back that album… then it lose its counted play.

Ok so i click again that album to make it played once like before… but you have to wait 30 seconds on each song to be counted, not much it seems, imagine you had to redo your database…

Today had created a playlist… never played song… but yes they were all played for sure before…

So, in that playlist i set it by song lenght, clicking a 65mins song but have to wait only 30 sec to make it finish and count. Found out in reverse to make it by shortest first… under 5 sec they don’t be count ad played…

Why have to wait 30 sec to make it counted as played?

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I assume the logic that unless the track is played for more than a few seconds it has not been played and listened to. I can see the logic in that. I don’t see this as a bug but a choice made by the developer.

The bug that the last track is rarely not added to the play count or playback history is rare and I have seen this in the competitors software that I have used. It was rather severe for a few years in iTunes and subsequently Apple Music in my pre-Audirvana days.

Not sure if it’s a coincidence but 30 seconds is the playtime before a track is recognized as a paid track in the streaming scenario. Why in Orgin?

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Maybe it is a defacto standard in the music industry for what constitutes “being played”

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Hi @RunHomeSlow,

Can you send us the 5-second track you have at I created a 5-second MP3 track with Audacity and I do not have the issue.

5 seconds tracks are OK…
4, 3, 2, 1 second don’t count as played :grinning:

I am confused. Are the tracks themselves shorter than 5 seconds, or do you mean longer tracks that you play for < 5 seconds. It doesn’t seem likely that physical tracks < 5 seconds even exist :crazy_face:

Short tracks :slight_smile:

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Ah, my bad… Unlike long tracks :crazy_face: :joy:

The issue has been fixed on our end, it will be live in the next update of Audirvāna Studio/Audirvāna Origin.