Songs not playing on Cambridge Audio Azur 851N streamer

My Azur 851n streamer will play any song you throw at it regardless of bit rate from Roon , Audirvana 3.5, Qobuz, Tidal etc, but for some reason only plays 24 bit songs on Audirvana Studio and will not play 16 bit. If trying to play 16 bit songs AS says it is loading the song but doesn’t go any further than that.
This is happening on both Windows laptop and Macbook.
I guess it must be some kind of setting within AS but nothing is jumping out at me. I doubt it is a setting on the streamer itself otherwise I would have the same problem with 3.5 version of Audirvana, Roon, Qobuz etc. Anybody got any ideas?


Are you using Ethernet/UPNP ?

Perhaps try toggle this switch position, I know others with Cambridge have had issues, search the forum and make sure to update to 1.8


Excellent, bang on the money. Toggled the RAW PCM and that did the trick.

Thank you so much.

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