Songs playing in wrong order

Have I signed up for a piece of garbage? The answer is yes as things stand. Tracks play in the wrong order. The remote app does not show the album list.

At the moment this is useless garbage. It is like using random on a jukebox.

Hello @Motorman

It’s easy to be annoyed at the shortcomings within a program.

It’s possible you have inadvertently clicked on “Shuttle play queue” to the right of “next track button”.

Audirvana is definitely not “useless garbage” as can be attested to by the many users and their attempting to improve the program.

Being frustrated with how Audirvana works is an experience I’ve had from the very beginning.

However… the sound is magnificent. And if I only have one year or a thousand to live, I’m pretty happy with AUDIRVĀNA as it is.

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Totally agree philipjohnson, a phenomenal piece of software which works for the majority of us flawlessly, and delivers an amazing sound quality :blush:.
It does have its learning curve though, and the UI isn’t always so intuitive, but it’ll never be perfect for everyone! What ever is :joy:.
Greetings from an expat in cold, dark icy Germany :wink:


Thanks for the replies. The sound quality is excellent. I will endeavour to be a better student.

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Hi @Motorman,

Can you please give us more information about your issue? For example, where you are in the software when you have this behavior of tracks playing in the wrong order? Can you send some screenshots?

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