Sonic Studio Plug ins


I buy the all Plug ins on Sonic Studio shop i activate them but they dont show on Audirvana Studio all the itera i have are there and working well
Can someone help me whit this

Are you on Mac or Windows?
Mac is Audio Units, Windows is VST3.
Where did you install the effects?

Did you reboot the PC after installation?

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Yes i reboot and its a Mac M1

Preference’s, Audio , Processing

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Are they in the components folder?

When installed, Audio Units plug-ins appear as individual components in the Library folders on your Mac:

  • In the Finder choose Go > Go to Folder, enter “/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components” into the Go to Folder field, then click Go.
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Thank you

Its not there strange!

What is the installation method of the Units? If the Units are in this folder, they will also be visible in Audirvana.

Sonic Studio Mastering EQ is installed at this locations on your computer:
AU: /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components

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They are not there i Will contact Sonic Studio

mine are at two places…

but maybe, you installed them in your Home Library… in the same Audio… Plug-Ins


Will a search of drive find them ?

What about the function to see the hidden files ? Would that pertain to this issue ?

@RunHomeSlow could you please post the way to see the hidden files in case he needs it ? Thanks in advance

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Where can i see the híden files?

Do a search I’m going to guess they are hiding somewhere

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If you can’t see your Home Folder Library…

Apple hide the Home Folder in User Library at some time depending on OS System…
When you have clicked your Home Folder, and cannot see the Library Folder in there,
just do a ‘‘cmd J’’ to show the folder settings preferences and see at the bottom…
click Show Library Folder and then you’ll have access to the rest forever.


Thanks RHS

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Maybe your plugins are not yet compatible with M1 Mac…

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Thank you

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