Sort Albums by Title does not work as expected

my idea is to list various recordings of Beethoven´s Symphonies in the order of the symphony number.
So I titled the albums as follows

  • LvB: 1. Symphonie, Nikolaus Harnoncourt
  • LvB: 1. Symphonie, H.v. Karajan
  • LvB: 1. Symphonie, Herrmann Scherchen
    for all recording I filled in the field SORTED BY with 1. Symphonie

Alas, the result is not what I expected. Audirvana sorts the symphonies by artist and even places other works in between the symphonies (see below).

How comes? What can I do?

Hello @Inkadue,

What are your sorting criteria in Audirvana settings?

Hi @Antoine ,
I just changed the criteria:

More logical, but still odd:

  • Listenelement

What is this attribute for?

sortiert nach tag is the tag we use to sort your albums, can you check the others how are not properly sorted?

They are properly set to LvB: 1. Symphonie. I did for that purpose.

I found a stupid workaround: I selected for the first sort critera: file location.

And since all my folders are properly named I got what I wanted:

But it is still a miracle to me.

All of the LvB: 1. Symphonie album have this sorting criteria? What about the other LvB albums you have?

All three 1st Symphonies have criteria: LvB: 1. Symphonie

All three 3rd Symphonies have criteria: LvB: 3. Symphonie

my expectation would be to have each grouped accordingly.

@Antoine Stupid me! Look at one of my first screen shots.

Instead of criteria for ALBUM I defined criteria for TITLE. No it works fine, even without the explicitly defined search criteria:

Merci pour votre service!

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