Sort by Album Title While Viewing Artist

Look, this hasn’t been answered satisfactorily or at all for more than 2 years. Is it at all possible to sort Albums by Title when viewing Album Artist. It would seem like a logical and basic feature to implement that it would have been implemented in the intervening 4 or more years since I’ve seen the first post about this.

As you can see I cannot add a sort filter in this view AND the albums are not sorted by title AND I have already sorted local Albums by Album Artist/Title etc. And I’m not going to open the Album Artist in folder view as I have Two drives and several separate source folders for music.

Any solutions yet?

[Edit] I need to add that Artist it the only view I can use because Audirvana Origin Freezes everytime I try to open the Album view. I cannot use the Album view. This is why I need to be able to sort the Albums in the Album Artist view because currently they are un-sorted/random.