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is it possible to sort the favorite albums in the Qobuz tab from recently added to Artist and year?

Thank you!

Hello @Blanka, this view is not customizable since these are information that are from Qobuz and we can’t sort this view. You can sort playlists that you created in Qobuz but not this one since it’s a default one.

Hello Damien. Thank you for your quick answer. Best wishes :slight_smile:

Qobuz now has the ability to sort Releases (Albums) in Favorites. Will this be incorporated into Audirvana?


Hello @amptique, this feature will be added in a future update of Audirvana.

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It has been 7 months since the last post and still I can’t short my Qobuz favorite albums alphabetically. Any time frame for implementation? I have roon for 3 months 3 dollars trial and they don’t seem to have the same issue.


AGREED! This is a bunch of crap…I love Qobuz and Audirvana, but there needs to be a fix for this! What’s the point of building a “Favorite’s List” if I have to scroll through the whole thing every time??? How about just having the ability to just “Search Favorites”???


I will be moving to Roon instead.

Audirvana is wonderful, but its biggest weakness is track / album favourites and sorting - imaging software had this functionality nailed 15 years ago and essentially it is identical in function: content / file + metadata. Standards are in place - the streaming industry needs to get this sorted urgently if there is going to be a bright future.

I was using Audirvana with Tidal and you can sort your favorites by Artist\Album, now that I switched to Qobuz I can no longer sort. I see this questions is from last March and in May someone from Audirvana said it would be in a future update, there was an update just a few weeks ago and this doesn’t appear to be solved? Why can you sort with Tidal but not Qobuz?

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