Sort inconsistencies between Views


In AS, there are major inconsistencies between Views to sort Albums : (1) inconsistent sort between Views (lack of sort for some Views) and (2) inconsistent sort tag naming between Views.

These inconsistencies are a major hurdle for a new adopter to experience the product and a source of complexity in using the product day to day.

I show the sort and naming sort inconsistencies between and formulate the precise requests that in my opinion should solve these inconsistencies in the picture table below.

I took Qobuz for example , but the requests apply also to others music streaming companies.

Finally the the tracks View (when selecting an album from MyMusic or local or Qobuz View) should also reflect a consistent naming with the the sort names described above.

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Hi @Alain1,

Thank you for your feedback. I understand your point about inconsistency of sorting but there are things we can’t do with Qobuz.

We rely on the sorting they let us use with their API and I can’t guarantee we will be able to change this.

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From the Qobuz app I can on Favorites

  • sort Albums on Added Date
  • sort Albums on A-Z (Album in Qobuz App)
  • sort Albums on Artists
  • Sort On Genres
    This is not possible in AS .
    If these sorting are not possible through the Qobuz API , why can’t you use your own sorting with these infos ?
    You cannot be worst that Qobuz app :slight_smile:

Probably because the Qobuz API does not allow ‘own’ sorting? All the information/functionality Audirvana gets to manipulate data from Qobuz is via the Qobuz API.

I probably have drawn my conclusion too fast, because I see in the answer from Antoine below that some sorting seems possible.

Those can be done in Audirvāna Studio, you need to use My Music sorting to do this and you will see it in Qobuz Favorite section. We chose to not change this for the moment but it can in a future update of the app as it has been requested.

For the Genre filter, we have not done it but I see it would be possible.


I tried , it works as far as i tested . Really hidden function : need to go inMyMusic View to sort on Qobuz View . Ability to access to this sort through the sort icon in the Qobuz View would help a lot !

Please do it if it’s possible

Do not forget also to improve naming consistency.

Anyway thanks for your quick answers. I appreciate.