Sort Local Files by Genre

Hi, I am new to Audirvana, so far liking it quite a lot, I have historically used JRiver Media Center, but wanted to try other players. I have just installed Audirvana fro evaluation, but there is one thing I have not been able to find or configure, which is to sort my local library by genre. This was pretty much and automatic sort made by MC and quite like to have my music by genre. Is there any way I can generate this sort for the local files, radios are offered by genre, but no my music.



Hello, see my pictures… don’t forget the Save for All when you are done.
For myself, i created Smart Playlists for my Genres :slight_smile:
you can see on the bottom left

Hi !!!

Thanks that worked really well now they are permanently sorted by genre which is how I find much easier to move around and pick and choose.

Thanks !!!

I find it really difficult to sort by genre… because I find it impossible to define genres! ( generally, that is ). Sort by artist is enough for me…


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