Sort order in Artist view

How can I get the albums sorted A>Z order?
macOS Ventura v13.1
Audirvana Studio v2.2.2

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In metadata for each album there is
Title, and below
Sort order

I have twenty Evans albums, none of the ones you have!

You need more!

So, in the metadata box I have the Title is the album’s title and the Sort As is the title again.

  1. What would put in the Sort As field?
  2. Do that for every album?! Not going to happen. I have 164 Bill Evans.

Jesus. 146. What am I missing?

Yes. I understaaaaaaand!

It’s great fun in “metadata land”… I have so much invested in my metadata that I don’t know where to begin. So see here…

All these are in the “Album Artist” files.

Red Heart = Favourite
Yellow Heart = No really. A real favourite of mine
Microphone = Lieder
Flower = Orchedtral

And I have a variety of other classifications, all sortable but it’s mainly to view in Album View to see what I might enjoy.

You will also see that this album is Sorted" by the first composer on Album (although this one is all Jean Sibelius).

Some might say I’m nuts.

Some? :rofl:

But then, between our Evans connection and, now, Sibelius … I have 48. His songs are under appreciated.

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The thing with Audirvana is… it is not constant in every view.

Clicking Bill Evans Artist, brings all is albums, but that view can’t be change (YET please).

But, click Albums view and set filters to see Album artist, then Albums name, and click Save for All.

Then, you can go in Browsing Folder view and click Bill Evans and there
you can see all his albums form that Artist in A to Z or Z to A in albums cover view or list view.