Sort Playlists by Artist, Album, Composer etc

I am able to sort Library by column headings such as Album, Artist, Composer etc. But I am unable to do the same with any other playlists. When I click the column header to sort Ascending or Descending nothing happens.

Please help

anyone? anyone? Bueller.

Me too. :frowning:

It is a real shame!! @Damien is this fix in your roadmap? I think this is preventing a lot of potential buyers (including myself) to buy the license.

If you want to sort manual playlists in addition to smart playlists:
In the preferences page, scroll down to the “Sort Criteria” section
Then enable the “Sort manual playlists” option.

We also need sort criteria in the search tracks list! Otherwise search for tracks is useless.
E. G.: If I search for “corazon” I get 214 Titels from many different Artists or Albums or other sources, without sorting it’s almost impossible to find the right one(s). By scrolling the long list? No way.
Damien, please bring this feature back, it was present in 3.2. Thanks

Can you tell me how you did sort the search results in old 3.2?
This feature was not present.
The sort results are presented by result ranking as usual for search.
You may then want to enter another keyword to refine your search.

I agree! If possible, the sort function should be extended to all playlists (Tidal included). If I click the carrot ^ next to the header, nothing happens. This would be a very welcome feature. Alberto, In the meantime you can type in the name of the “Artist” and “Title” in the search window and it will just bring up songs by that artist. For example: Franciso Canaro Corazon, will just bring up songs by Franciso that have Corazon in them. For this reason alone, I also would like to see the Search field expanded so there is one for “Artist” and another for “Title”. I don’t think many people know you can string the artist and title together. I’ve been on the free trial for about 2 weeks now and like Audirvana a lot, but there are a few tweaks like the ones mentioned that would make it better. I plan to put together a list and post, if I can’t find something posted already. I’ve used Roon twice (once for a year another time for 30 days) and I don’t care for it at all. I find it clumsy.

With the following link you should be able to download the movie I made and which shows how sort functioned on 3.2 in search results (and how search lists function in all databases I work with). If the link does not work I could send the movie by PM. Thanks for looking at.

New second link, this one works for download:

Thank you for this movie.
This explains.
What you have been using in previous 3.2 version is not the search results view, but just filtered results of the current view. Something similar as what you can do in a smart playlist criteria. You must have had the search option disabled in the Library page of the preferences.
This has been replaced by Full Library search in 3.5, with the convenience to immediately see the results in all categories (albums, tracks, artists, …) and easily switch between local and streaming sources.
The advised way to use the search is to continue typing until the wished result appears.
Now, is a google-like search sortable? Not sure, though we’ll check if something is doable there.

Thanks Damien for your explanation, but this does not help for me. I need a search function as known in databases not ‘google like’ (even iTunes has "sort after search“).

Suppose I am searching a Track but I only know that the Titel contains „corazón“. Then I get 196 tracks listed with 45 Titels containing „corazón“ well mixed in a list not sortable. From 38 different Artist btw… Now with sort possibility I could find the „entire Titel" by sorting/grouping (as it is in A+3.2 or iTunes). And I could easily find the Artist belonging to. Without sorting I should scroll 196 lines?

Suppose I search a very famous Titel from a specific Artist but I don’t have in mind the name of the Artist. Then maybe I get 60 results in a mixed Artists list. Now scrolling? No way, sorting for grouping Artists should be the quick solution.

More examples for the need of sorting in search results could be added.

> Not sure, though we’ll check if something is doable there.
Thanks, I hope so very much, otherwise I have to keep my library in other database application where “sort after search” is a standard.

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After 6 month I thought to bring back this theme with the hope that it will receive attention for further development of AV.
Without sorting possibilities after search in Track view, I have to stay with iTunes - unfortunately.

Hello @Alberto, we do had more request about this filter capability in searching and it has been transmitted to our development team.