Sorting Albums alphabetically when using Artist’s view

Good morning everyone and I’m sorry if this topic has already been discussed but l can’t seem to be able to sort out how to sort albums, when viewing under the artist’s name, alphabetically!
How in the world can l do that, using Audirvana Studio latest release on a 2018 Mac mini.

For example; Local Library/Artist View Bob Dylan…

This screenshot is what I see when trying to set the Sort editor… I can’t do anything!

The same process under Alexis Cole, the albums are just randomly placed :open_mouth:

Under; Local Library/Album View, everything is perfect…

So. what am I doing wrong or not seeing? Any help is greatly appreciated :relaxed:
Kind regards

Try using the sorting editor while looking at your collection under “My Music” instead of “Local”. This should give you some options.

Thanks for your reply and yes indeed, l then have sorting options for my albums, eg; ascending A - Z………… BUT only for my favorite albums inside “My Music”.
This is exactly the sorting option l would have thought possible under “Local Albums”, and not just saved albums in “My Music”.
More suggestions please :slightly_smiling_face:

Nobody here who can help me! The solution is no doubt super easy but l can’t see it myself :cry::cry:

Doug, here’s a screenshot

is this a help? , this is local music hit the two up/down arrow

Thanks once again Roadrunner. Your screenshot is similar to what l also see, under Local Albums. There l can sort the albums fine alphabetically, ascending or descending. It’s only when I’m looking under Local Artists and try to sort out the albums alphabetically using the Sort Editor, that it doesn’t work for me. See my second screenshot…… l have no options available. Maybe it’s a bug still in the software, in which case it will be sorted out eventually 🤷🏻

Hey Doug , I now understand , You want to sort again per artist individually correct?
Not a bug I don’t think just a feature that needs to be enabled. Get your idea to @antione so perhaps it can be considered to get enabled
Its a good idea that I would not have looked for but interesting

Yes roadrunner, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do :neutral_face:. I would have thought that many others would have wanted this feature as well, considering how careful we sort our libraries! I’ll try and get @antione on board, and see what comes out. Thanks for your kind help, nevertheless :relieved:.

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Hello @Doug,

I took your suggestion in our back log, I will need to see with Damien about this option.

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Thanks Antoine :+1:t2:

There ya go , Possible soon you can sort to your OCD hearts desire…lol. I think that goes with this hobby/passion

Thanks Antione

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