Sorting albums in search results

Using Windows 3.5 beta, when I do a Tidal search and get a set of albums, they are sorted in Title order. I would prefer Release Date order.

For example, I search for B B King and get back scores of albums. I want to know the latest release.

Any way to do that?

I take it you never got a response on this, Zkeller? I’ve been trying to figure out the same thing for awhile, and finally sought out the forum and this thread. Each of the column headers (e.g., track #, Title, Album,Artist, etc.) are there in the search results window, and the up/down arrow switches each time you click on one, but the results do not reorder themselves! Very annoying, and obviously a bug. Can someone from Audirvana please help?

Almost the same trouble here. I reported from the beginning of release of 3.5 (and more than once), that search function is useless if the results are not sortable. I am alone with this?

Can you please help us with this, @Antoine?

Hello @Jason_Finestone,

The result you get from Tidal in Audirvana is relying on the information Tidal allows his partner to use. You won’t be able to change the sorting result since it’s an information that is given directly by Tidal and we can’t change the order.

Thanks for responding, @Antoine, but I’m not using Tidal (that was @Zkeller). My problem is that I can’t sort the search results of my FLAC library by Title, Album, Artist, or any of Audirvana’s other columns.

Hello @Jason_Finestone, this is a display bug that we will fix in a future update of Audirvana since the only thing you can sort is the track view of Audirvana.