Sorting Artists/Local Albums by album name

Artists / Local Album are sorted by year.
How do I get it to list by album name / ascending?


How do I get Local Albums to display all albums by default without the need to click on “See All”?

you can’t
you can’t

Artist Albums can only be seen by year
last to first… i want First to Last

I ask myself the same why not see them all first…
might be done for small screen, but should be adjustable for any screen lenght and height!!

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this you can do in the folder tree view… why??
click the folder icon next to Local in main list… then there you can select filter to arrange them like you want… as list view, icon view, by genre, by year, by first to last…

This app is sucking more as I try to get it to do common and logical tasks.

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Cannot even use filters in Artist/Albums view. The Add Criteria button is greyed out.

YES not logical all the times (most?) but here i was saying you can filter…

there is a beta studio 2.0 thread (will be the same for Origin when released)…
you should ask or make a new thread there to ask for changes…

I tried that and that option is Useless.
This is crazy.
Does not means Icon view / list view.
It’s Album / track.

not sure what you really want but you can have those views also…

The Artist section is a big building site imho and I do not use it anymore. I switched to the album section to browse the library. You can group the albums by artist and sort them the way you want. As in all the library views you do not have the ability to jump to a letter or artist though.

Look on the right of my picture… the letters are back in beta 2.0

That’s great! :+1:

I also requested this feature back in Audirvana 3.5, still not possible. At least we have last to first with Origin, better than nothing.

It is totally maddening - and never explained - why albums can be sorted in alphabetical order in the album view but not in the artist view. Clearly the metadata is present and used, but in artist view one cannot add any metadata sorting. Other similar apps do this without any problems. And it is also strange that when “The” appears in an album title it is not ignored in album view. Even Apple Music does this by default, but Origin requires manual deletion of “The” in the metadata (but that change apparently isn’t really carried over into the metadata if you look at the metadata in outboard metadata apps).

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Artist sort option is bad, i’m with you.

For ‘The’, i like that feature in Audirvana, but you can change it as you like…
When you click an Artist name and change the ‘Sort As’ option it will change
all albums of that artist in one time…

Hi @Kuebeker

There is not a thing I own or do that does not require me to adapt.

If you want a feature added send a message to @Antoine. He will want to improve the functioning of an already highly esteemed program.




This wanted features, is years old :grinning:


I get your frustration about this sorting criteria when you are on the artist view. I know it has been requested by a lot of you and I will try my best to push it again to implement it.


Merci @Antoine. Indeed, this was requested long time ago even for version 3.5. Glad to hear you’ll try to put it on the priority list.

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