Sorting Artists that begin with "THE" in VERSION 3.5 - looking for the DEFINITIVE ANSWER

Hello. There are a lot of versions of this question/issue, but none seem to be definitive and none seem to cover version 3.5 specifically.

#1 Can you get Audirvana to disregard the “THE” in band names (list THE WHO under “W”) from WITHIN the application simply by adjusting the sort settings? / If so, how, exactly

#2 If not, what combination of metadata/tagging change AND Audirvana settings would accomplish the same thing?

Thanks so much for all the help! Cheers.

Hello @shepelavy,

You can’t change this in your whole library in a single click. You need to do it with each artist you want to change the sorting. To do this you need to go in the Artist section in your Library, select an Artist and open the metadata panel to change the sorting metadata of the Artist.

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