Sorting having folder indication

Hello, on Mac Sierra installation, trial version of 3.5.15 - Why the “sort by group…” slide doesn’t work? is it possible to sort the albums also having the folder containing it?

You can sort albums by folder, but can’t group the displayed albums by folder.
As there is normally a 1 to 1 relationship between folder and album, there is no point in grouping in groups of only one item each.

Unless you have a multi CD rip, those are typically in separate filders. It should group by default when sorting by album.

I’ve been an Audirvana subscriber for a few years, and wish the Sort Criteria for Local Library Tracks could include a Folder option. For me, there isn’t a one-to-one relationship between folder and album. For example, I have a folder named Bill Evans Trio which contains a dozen albums. I also have a folder called Compilations which has many more albums, many that are hard to find via Album Title or Album Artist. For music streamers away from my Mac, I use Twonky Server on a QNAP NAS that works perfectly. Can this criterion be added?