Sorting in Album view does not work

Hi - i created a smart playlist (or norah jones albums/tracks only).
All good.
I open an album, and i can see all tracks with the columns i have chosen.
WHen i click on the headers of these columns, nothing happens; i cannot sort ascending or descending by any of the fields (track number, sampling freq, file type …)

am i the only one? i use the latest release on a Mac.

Same equipement, same problem here.

Hello @danberilloux, the view you describe is not related to smartplaylist since you opened an album. In this view you can’t sort the columns since it depends on the track position on the album.

same problem here in a smart playlist. Sort arrows appear but do not work. By the way, Damien3, i appreciate you answering messages but please stop saying there is no problem when people tell you there is. Every issue is have, i find a thread for. And every time the answer is “its not our fault, its your equipment/software/brain”. That is simply not the case. I have not paid for the software yet, i am still evaluating it but my first weeks reveal it is full of bugs. That is disapointing as the fetures are decent

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