Sorting library by first name


I want my whole Audirvana library to sort on first name. I thought that this would just require changing the sorting metadata as in the screengrab below, however this hasn’t made any difference. Any idea how this would be achieved? I have sorting set to Album artist on Audirvana as in second screengrab. I’m using Audirvana 3.5.50 on a Macbook Pro. Many thanks if you can help.

My computer is away now…
in audirvana choose artist not album artist and see.

There is two tags separated in audirvana, album and tracks from album…

If you click and album and don’t select anything you will see there in info panel an artist name and sort option for that album, if you select after all tracks from that album, you have other tags options…

Do a test with one album and see :grinning:

I’m sorting by album initially, so ‘album artist’ is the only option to select.

Yes, I know that you can change the metadata for all the tracks of an album and that’s what I’ve tried doing, but it hasn’t had the expected effect of sorting on first name.

I’m stumped.

Click that artist name in Artist library, don’t select any album, put info panel, what do you see as the name there and under as sort as?

Thanks for the reply but I’m afraid I don’t understand your advice here. The first two steps are clear: I’ve clicked the name of the artist in Artist library and not selected an album, but I’m not clear what you are suggesting I do next. What do you mean by ‘put info panel’?


The tag panel, cmd i on mac control i on pc


Aha! Got it! I had no idea about that panel. Problem solved. Thank you so much! That was driving me crazy!