Sorting of artists with leading "The"

I’m a newbie and I assume this issue is not new, but is there a way to get Audirvana + to ignore a leading “The” in the album artist field the way iTunes does when it comes to sorting albums? A+ already sorts “The Beatles” and “The Beach Boys” under B, but every other album that I have (e.g. The Association, The Carpenters, The Rolling Stones, The Script etc.) sorts to T. What’s particularly annoying is when some albums have the “The” and others don’t, causing albums by that artist to be split. Short of deleting “The” from all my album artist names, is there a way to get them to sort properly?

Try to check in View/Show Artists List … maybe you have different sort name options

That is right. Also your artist are maybe different in tags with album artist…

Thanks very much! Changing the sort order works very well, and it even allows consolidation of different names for the same artist (eg. Miles Davis & Miles Davis Quartet) - not that they’d be separate in any case. Now if only I could synchronize the artist sort order on both of my computers, I’d be all set.

How is this done in version 3.5?

I took the foolproof but perhaps overkill step of storing any such items with artist name “The …” as “…, The”, so “The Beatles” would be stored as “Beatles, The” - means I’m never at the whim of how my current library manager of choice treats this.