Sorting of Connected Qobuz library

Hi there

Just wanted to know whether it is possible to sort my Qobuz connected library favourites by date added. Currently it seems as though I can only sort alphabetically.

I am able to do so with the files I have stored locally.

If I am not able to do so, is it possible to please add in the feature

Thank you for your support. Audirvanna is an excellent piece of software!

Hello @Drisie,

This is a feature that as not been implemented for the moment in Audirvana but it will be added in a future update of Audirvana.

Great thank you for the quick reply

I have the same problem. In the Audirvana app, for the Tidal favorites one can sort by alphabetical order, or by artist, or by added date (in which case, also backwards). While I’d appreciate an alphabetical bar on the side to help scroll rapidly through the library, all in all it’s a good solution. But with Qobuz as soon as the favorites pass 20/30 albums, it becomes very difficult to peruse the library from the app, because there’s no way to sort it in a suitable way. It would be a very welcome update, to be able to do that. Thanks

I have the same issue: on the iOS app, it is easy to search through one’s Tidal favourites, arranging them by added date, or album or artist/album. But this is impossible with Qobuz, which makes it very frustrating to search through one’s favourites: as soon as the favs are more than a few dozens it becomes a mess to find anything. I hope this sorting function will be added for Qobuz too soon. Thanks.

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