Sotm 200 ultra neo

What upsampling are you using ?
Anyone tryed out what working best
Mac mini to Sotm 200 ultra to Mytek Liberty

Pson, I have only been using Audirvana for a couple months and have spent that time exploring what works for sampling. I have a SOTM ultra neo going into a PSAudio Directstream DAC.

Using the library, I can play most files in the native bitrate without problem. For some reason, Beatles albums tend to have pops and clicks unless up-sampled to DSD. An associated problem I have been having has been that at start of album, or at start of single track, I get a hiccup in the stream within the first four seconds when streaming DSD64.

Qobuz can have pops and clicks throughout unless up-sampled to DSD64, and I have the same issues as others with tracks stopping at the end of a song, rather than advancing to the next sound.

With my system, and it seems these things are very system dependent, DSD128 into the SOTM / Directstream seem to work great and sounds great.

FYI, I am using windows 10, I used two different mac mini’s over the years and both died.