SOtM sMS-100 networkadaptor

I use an “old” SOtM network adaptor as a DNLA renderer. In the Sonicorbiter startup menu there is the question: Open Home or Not, like JRiver. How about Audirvana?

Hello @boling48, what your question is about? If it’s about the connectivity to your DAC then when you open Audirvana you’ll be able to see it and select ii in the audio output menu in Audrivana.

Hi Damien, see the screenshot

Okay i now better understand what did you mean. You should disable this if you want to use your SOtM in Audirvana since OpenHome is not a standard UPnP/DLNA protocol and you can have some issue with it in Audirvana.

Thank you, I had a comparable issue with a new Fidata network adaptor . There I had to change from Open Home to DMR