Sound Flicker when Connected to DAC with Upsampling 32Bit/1536KHz

I have problem, sometimes sound flicker (no sound than sounded again rapidly in between approx. 1-2 sec) when connected to external DAC with iSotope SRC/ SoX Upsampling 32bit/1.536KHz. Usually happened in the beginning of song, sometime in the middle of song.
I have a project to convert my files collection (16Bit/44,1KHz), Upsampling them then capture with Audio Hijack software. The result are amazing, the clarity, sound staging, instrument separation will be improve significantly in the good way. I like the new sound in AIFF format 24bit/192KHz. You will have a new file with Audirvana sound signature in the hires format files.
Are you guys have a recommendation in Audirvana setting/ MACOS Catalina 10.15.6 setting to solve my problem?

Don’t upsample. :slight_smile: Something is seriously wrong with your DAC when you need to upsample to that resolution to get pleasing result. Consider getting a better DAC.

I think you might consider to not upsample to the maximum sample rate possible, first, try with “Power of 2” to know if you can upsample your tracks to your DAC

Dear Damien,

I already try to used the “Power of 2” and it can upsample (it works), but the problem still exist and arises sometimes, it is uncertain.

Dear bitracer, I have to upsample to have a better sound, and I already got it. I will consider your suggestion to check with DAC technical support about this problem.

Dear Damien,

I found this when googling:

Is it possible my problem because of that issued?

I‘m saying this because Chord DACs upsample anyway a crap out of any sample rate you provide, thus making them pretty much resolution agnostic.

Rob Watts, the digital guru behind the Chord designs, claims that his favorite input is optical.

I‘m afraid that your listening to the coloration and artifacts SoX introduces, as well as some RF noise generated at those sampling frequencies. You might even find it more pleasing, but it has nothing to do with fidelity.