Sound problem with Studio

I installed the trial to evaluate the software but I have some problems.
The most important one is that almost every time after some short time playing songs, suddenly the normal playing stops and it is replaced with just distortions…like on a radio between stations. Other times the player just keep playing on repeat some few seconds only of a song eventually dying completely in sound distortion only.
Also the interface buttons are sluggish…some times I need to press them twice or more to take them working.
Studio is installed on windows 10 and I play thru upnp to an raspberry pi with pi2aes hat and Moode as software.

Post your debug information. Go to Settings, My account then hit the debug button. This will copy it to the clipboard. Then reply to this post and paste the info.

Other users will maybe have some suggestions to resolve.

Are you sending PCM or DSD to the Pi?

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