Sound Quality Differences

I have just started listening to origin, seems pretty good, not sure of the difference from 3.5 but I am liking it on my 50 year old amp + modest chinese dac + free and homebuilt speakers. Maybe the audiosnobiphiles have issues, aww too bad.

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Hi Dave_Love1

It’s all in what you see, think, hear. We all have our perspectives born of all our past experience, ear physiology, brain power (think is to hear), and ultimately the ability to be open, honestly scientifically critical… and good looking.

Luckily I’m blessed with all (and more) (I’m a modest chap) the above.

[Great handle by-the-way.]


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Good on ya, I am actually crypto cryptillionaire and I was just being silly.

Hi , Can anybody explain the major difference between origin and Studio for playing only local FLAC library , because i am hearing a major difference between them and i like Studio more , why they sound different shouldn’t they sound the same ?

They are the same except that Studio have streaming and radios services.

It‘s probably just in your head. But if you like Studio better, I see no reason why you shouldn’t subscribe.

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There is no difference. As far as I know they are both exactly the same program with exactly the same sound engine. The only difference is that Studio has streaming options and Origin can only play from a local library.

I have Origin now, but I also had a subscription on Studio for a year. I had a lot of time to compare them both. There was absolutely no difference in sound quality on my (reasonably high-end) system.

Are you using both with the exact same hardware configuration? Are you using both with exact the same sound settings?

If you really hear a difference you have to search for reasons elsewhere (different hardware/computers/dacs/amplifiers etc. or different sound settings in both Audirvana’s).


Do you activated DoP (on both scenarios)? For me DoP (1.0) makes a real difference. (I don’t have a high end system - 250 $ usb dac & 500 $ stereo amplifier and speakers from inLine & Pioneer).

I am on Windows and when in WASAPI mode I have activated DoP 1.1.
I tried both Studio and Origin with upsampling (to DSD) and without upsampling. I can not hear a difference between Studio and Origin. I compared both with my speakers and also with some headphones.
My personal preference is to upsample to DSD.

My system is: Hegel H190 amplifier, Dali Rubicon 6 speakers, Topping D90 DAC (AKM version), modified NUC PC with Windows 11 for streaming. Not super duper high end, but (in my opinion/ears) a nice sounding system with more than enough resolution to here subtle differences.


I don’t know the difference between DoP 1.0 and DoP 1.1. And why you have the option to choose between. I admit I can read but i’m not so technical. My DAC supports maximum DSD128. As I understood DoP 1.1 supports more. But I heard a (little) difference when tested. A more natural sound with DoP 1.0 (maybe just in my head?). Anyway will keep that setting to 1.0.

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DOP 1.0 stop at DSD 128, DOP 1.1 go higher


Thanks you all for the responses ,

I do native ASIO DSD 512 upsampling (not DOP) , i wish origin sound same as Studio but there is difference, for instant it sound louder , i have to lower the volume in my Preamp a notch to match Studio volume and that’s enough evidence that they sound different

i only do local files and i bought Origin and installed it in a dedicated fanless PC that i built last month, before that i was using a gaming laptop and there wasn’t a noticeable difference , but now with the new PC i can hear it , i will keep origin installed and hopefully a future update will fix this issue,

How can a diferrent PC with the same os, dac, apps and settings impact sq? I mean I don’t say it’s not possible but I can’t believe / understand. What I understand: slutterings or not, some noise (mostly hard to hear, especially on low - medium volume) or less. I have an old laptop and the noisy fan of it is clearly not a problem, such a disturbing thing. I have (very) few noise on (very) high volume but let’s be serious. I (almost) can’t beleve some people have a such a good hearing/perception.

If using external DAC on USB, a difference in USB hardware architecture (internal bus architecture) could make a difference. If using internal DAC, the integrated DAC chip could make a difference.

These are just two examples, but there are many possibilities when it comes to hardware differences, even sometimes with the same brand / model and different batches / years.


Hmmm. Interesting. In the (near) future will buy a new machine. Because don’t have too many resources I will not buy an audiophile/expensive system. I prefer a brand PC because are most stable from my experience. I will listen to Audirvana using my actual usb dac, Qobuz and files stored on usb disk drives. It’s a good idea to look for an Intel NUC?

I bought used Mac Mini late 2014 with 8GB ram 1 TB mechanical hard drive
I added 1 TB M2 drive with special adaptor OS is running on WD M2
Mechanical drive is used for music files +external hard drive.
I dont have money to buy fancy systems either.
But Mac Mini is super quiet plus this is my first Mac machine and it is great experience.
I have few older PCs and some are louder than others.
I think for any version of Audirvana you dont have to buy any super fast new expensive machine.
My PC machines and DAC are placed in room beside my listening room and I am running stereo cable
Can not hear those computers at all.
Mac mini is in the same computer room and when I am doing something on Mac and listening I can not hear mini running.
I was thinking about buying NUC but I am not sure how quiet they are.
My dream is to build fanless PC based on
HD Plex case but they arent cheap.
I would prefer not to run that long cable and place fanless pc and dac close to amp.
I have big library of files and my old PC based on 2007 motherboard with 8GB of ram and quad Intel CPU 1st gen has no problem to play any music files up to 32/384 and SACD ISO
I am using Antec Sonata quiet case for that most quiet PC and Intel stock fan
I could replace that fan with something more quiet.
I dont like laptops
I have old netbook laptop but is super slow.
For internet browsing I am using Acer R 11 chrombook which is fast and silent but very limited for anything else.
That was a gift so I shouldnt complain.
But otherwise I wouldnt recommend to buy chromebook as main machine.

HD Plex future project

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I have an old 2014 Mac mini in storage here. Same specs as yours. But didn’t upgrade it with an SSD. It was a nice computer to use. And it has been my work horse for a long time. Before getting my current MacBooks. Perhaps I should have gotten an external SSD for it back then, because its internal hard disk is slow as hell.

The only time that I’ve heard its fan kick in was I when tried to play some games on it. Otherwise it was quiet as a whisper. If I’m not mistaken you can run the current macOS Monterey on it. Although the upcoming Ventura won’t support it anymore.

Monterey is sadly also the end of the line for my 2017 MacBook Air. But I do expect that my 2020 M1 MacBook Pro will get new OS updates for quite some time yet :smile:

If your Mac Mini is still working and it is late 2014 model than it should have empty NVMe slot.
At first I was thinking to change mechanical (slow) hard drive to SSD drive.
But I found info and video on You Tube about that special adaptor which you slide in to Minis unpopulated NVMe slot.
Next step is to buy M2 nvme express drive and slide into this adaptor. Adaptor you have to buy also (cheap)
Changing Mechanical drive to SSD do not make too much sense because is sitting deeper in Mac mini housing and it wouldn’t give you that much speed increase.
Typical good SSD drive reads about 530 MB/S
Cheap Western Digital WD Blue SN550 is going up to 2400 mb/s
Now my mac mini is flying the same speed as my daughters Mac Book pro with original NVMe drive.
What you need is to buy special screwdriver T 6 on Amazon
I got 2 of them because they didn’t sell just one.
I think it doesn’t make any sense now to buy this kind of Mac Mini and do this upgrade but if you have one already sitting on the shelf I think it is worth to do this.
You will be amazed how fast your old Mac Mini will go.
This upgrade is very simple and easy.
This Nvme slot is very easy to access.
I am going to post here pictures of my upgrade and link to YouTube Video.
In Mac drive set up I just installed OS to M2 drive.
Then I deleted content of original mechanical drive and it is used now for storage of music files.
It is fast to play music files no problem.

Sintech M.2 NGFF NVMe SSD Card for Upgrade Mac Mini Late 2014 Year A1347 MEG Series

I used this adaptor which I bought on Amazon in 2021