Sound Quality issues with Studio 2.2.2

Latest AS update running on Intel Mac MIni with Ventura 13.1 - noticed with one disc only so far but completely reproducable. SACD PS3 rip plays with gross distortion on this system but the same file plays flawlessly from the same source (a Melco) with Audirvana 3.5 on a Studio Mac also running Venura 3.1 and with Colibri. No upsampling or plug-ins involved - What going on with Studio and the latest Apple Mac OS releases? Last week it was a system optimizer issue (Apple problems apparently) and there seems to be Internet bandwidth issues with this combination also. Not very settled for the holidays!

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I’m experiencing exactly the same issue, going back to 3.5 have no issues. And the previous version 2.2.1 had no such issue.

I’d do just the same but my 3.5 licence is in use on my office Mac - it works fine with Audirvana. Have to say I’ve been using mConnect over UPnP as a temporary solution in my main system but it means I’ve not had Audirvana quality over the holiday period. Hope there’s some solution coming.

Right - got to the bottom of the distortion - the track in question has levels which barely exceed 0 dBFS by 0.1 but these are audible as gross breakup with AS 2.2.2 but play unnoticeably on 3.5 or on other players like Colibri. I’ve ripped the CD layer of the SACD in question which has a very high level but does not clip or distort.

@davidp … You cannot directly compare Pulse Density Modulation (DSD) to Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) digital-audio encoding and the nature of the playback mechanism used to play each format… Zero crossing’s in DSD signals are not good… A SACD rip is always sketchy as to the quality of the extraction process… Most DSD files are usually tempered to -6dB below O dBFS for this reason…

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Thanks I’m fully aware of the technical points you raise.

Further investigation shows AS 2.2.2 to be brutal in its treatment of Inter Sample Overs - I was pointing out that versions prior to 2.0/Ventura did not show this behaviour.

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