Sound quality of UPNP/DLNA connection

Hi - I am new here. I have Melco S100 audiophile switch, Melco N100 wich I use for streaming Tidal, Chord M-Scaler connected to Melco and Chord Qutest DAC. My network has 1000mb internet on flat input and I get internet for audio system by help of power line adapters(about 400mb). I use system for Tidal streaming exclusively. In common case I use Android BubbleUPNP and sound quality is excellent - but I founded it’s very inconvenient because wifi is must and it’s not very stable. I want to get rid of wifi. Roon is not option for Melco so I read Audirvana can work with Melco on network. I do free trial with Audirvana on ethernet connected laptop. It really founds Melco on network and streams Tidal without problem. But sound quality goes south compared to BubbleUPNP-what disappointment!

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