Sound Quality when Upsampling

When upsampling with r8brain or SOX I find the sound a little sibilant.

Has anyone else found the same and if so did you change any settings to remove it?

I’m running Studio on an M1 Mac Mini - AQ Jitterbug -Topping D10 - NAD C658

This is what I have been trying lately no upsample but I like the r8brain algorithm


Thanks. I’ll give that a go.

I would expect that no upsampling is now applied and that the R8Brain does nothing. And so nothing has changed.

Can @Antoine confirm whether in this setup R8Brain is bypassed or whether the file is passed through the filtering of R8Brain and then resampled to the same format?

It’s not bypassed, if you do not want the upsampling to be applied you need to disable it.

With the setting displayed by @OffRode, the file is using R8Brain and resample to the custom frequency selected, in this case the same format as it was before going through R8Brain.


Actually you are the one that got me thinking about this setup, With MQA disabled to my oppo and the custom upsample choice I’m letting the Mac do the processing then sending to Oppo205 via Ethernet. No pop’s thump and volume stays steady whether MQA files or not. I feel like the imaging and dynamics have a step up for me at least.

Thanks again mate !

Hey @coldbeer , Now I am certainly interested to hear your thoughts on this setup. Your system is very good and your hearing is probably better than mine. If you get the chance to A-B your existing setup and mine I would like to hear your thoughts and possible changes to try. I’m open to try/learn some more

Good day

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Would you confirm, if I want to A-B different upsampling settings mid track would I need to flush the buffer or is upsampling done after buffering?

Also, while we’re on the subject of buffering, is the Waveform display an accurate indication of how fast the track is loaded into the buffer?

Thanks in advance.

if you want to do an A-B test you will need to stop the audio to change your settings.

Yes it is, this depends also on the type of track you are loading.