SoundSource and Plugins

Hi all, just wanted to share my experience using Rogue Amoeba’s Soundsource with Audirvana. Haven’t ever had any problems sing the plugins thru Soundsource. That way it is setup as system wide. Used it with Dirac, ARC 3, Sonarworks, AU plugins, FabFilter, Toneboosters, basically have auditioned numerous EQ’s and plugins over the years and have never had a problem running them thru Soundsource. Never had a problem with sound quality, sample rate changes or the usual headaches. Apologies if this is not the correct place for this.

The first question that comes to mind regarding the use of Soundsource is:
“Why use it with Audirvana Studio?”

Soundsource is a multi-source volume control, signal-router, complicating the signal-path… Why would you not simply run Audirvana Studio using it’s native plug-in architecture, unfettered by some other system-level operation(s) getting in the way and adding bits? And will Soundsource handle DoP (DSD) output from Audirvana Studio?.. My guess is it does not… Adding the complication of Soundsource just does not make sense when Audirvana Studio is a superior high-resolution, audiophile playback system platform… Audirvana Studio retains the plug-in selection and it’s settings, so Soundsource is superfluous…

In my experience it has never interfered with the signal. Also, some plugins have not played well within Audirvāna’s architecture. As far as DSD is concerned, has also never been a problem. I only posted this due to reading of others problems with plugins within audirvana itself. Having done direct A/B comparisons with Soundsource on and off, I have never heard a difference. But I’m just a lowly mid-fi guy.

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