Source List editing

How much of the Source List on the left side can you edit? I see in “Appearance” that there is a toggle to show/hide “Audio Format” but that’s it. I notice when I add a Playlist that initially it is visible under “My Playlists” and can be removed with the “x”, But if I want to display others found in “My Playlists” folder, is that possible? You can see from my screenshot that “Christmas” & “4&5 *****” is there but no others.

What you see in ‘Appearances’ is what you get. For now :wink:
I have seen remarks in other threads that there are plans to make it more configurable in further updates.

You can always place feature requests in the ‘Audirvana User Voice’ section. There forum members can also vote for these features.

Will do. It would be nice to be able to organize the “lists” display order as well.

Hi @Ric1,

You can add up to three playlists under My playlist section. You can find more about it at 1:12 here: