Source parsing is missing Albums & Singles


I’m a new user even if I tried the Studio version previously, the renting model was not a model for me. I really appreciate the quality of the decoding and currently in discovery mode of Origin.

My content is stored in a Nas and daily I am using Plex as a server.

I’ve tried to import it all using Origin but to my surprise what is present under Plex is not under Origin. I miss a lot of single under album and sometimes full albums.

I checked for specific format but every is standard. Basic Flacs file not strange .iso or else.

Also when I add new album I need to force full resync.

Thanks you for any advices about this very strange case!

Here are the numbers and they are pretty bad for a expensive product.

Just made a check Plexamp found 3580 albums, audirvana 3028.
30980 Singles for plexamp, 25522 for Audirvana.

Looking at some more details some entries are total mayem.

Some albums are split up to 12 times with singles dispatched into them so it means I miss a lot more albums that though. Some artists got all their albums simply ignored.

Some singles are dispatched into the same albums but many times. So album 1 got 12 entries then the same album is splitted 3 more times each one with one random single inside.

Some entries are multiplied into the same album and they have the same numbers so it goes
1 to 7 then two times 8 then 9 and the rest. Others singles are in another albums.

Are you using the trial or have you decided to purchase?
I would not worry much about changing your library / metadata at this point in time. The forum has a few guys that are really sharp about the sorting issue if you need to do some changes but you can decide later on.

Here is a capture you can see the album split and multiplication.

Also how some albums render thumb preview as pixels on the top right and bottom left.

I am on trial but well I have to say I do not see myself put so much money (115€) on a product that fails in so many ways.

Bugs are OK but if you only work on local files and can not manage to test it before release that is not fair for users.

The library is working well with others products why should I tinker for a specific software?

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Ouch :persevere:, I totally understand and agree. I’ve had a one year subscription to Studio and still not satisfied with its overall quality. You are probably best to hold off for now if your seeing all this stuff already. Best of luck with it.

Hope the streaming is in better shape.
I’m gonna try other solution thanks for the help.

Hello @Solido,

Can you look at your library using the folder view of Audirvāna Origin and check if you see the folder that are not synchronized?


If you are able to find some of them easily, can you try to drag and drop one of the tracks in the play queue of Audirvāna Origin to see if you are able to see and play them?


Streaming Qobuz and Local playback is good, radio and feeding your device other than usb is problematic.