Spacebar Stop/Play does not work on AS

Spacebar Stop/Play does not work on AS. Please make it work again :grinning:

Hello @KnockKnock,

Are you on Windows or MacOs?

Mac 11.5.2 Big Sur. :grinning:

I’m using the latest version of Big Sur and it works on my side. Have you tried to reboot your Mac and try again to use space to play /pause?

I don’t have Big Sur anymore. But spacebar play/stop works fine here with the latest AS on macOS 12.3 Monterey.

OK, will try to update to Monterey. I just hope my Dirac RoomCorrection still will work (can´t live without it1. :grinning:

Now on Monterey, it works fine now. :grinning:

But why does AS crash every time I quit AS? I get a very long Log report everytime I quit AS. This was on Big Sur and now on a fresh Monterey

That’s weird. I have 2 Mac’s (2017 MacBook Air and a 2020 M1 MacBook Pro) both running macOS Monterey 12.3. AS doesn’t crash here when I close the app. And play/pause using the Spacebar works all the time.

Maybe Antoine will have a suggestion. But he won’t be back until Monday Paris daytime.

Yes that´s very weird, all other stuff works well on my Mac, and sometimes AS does Stop/Play but not always. Just chekked right now: nope, doesn´t work. And crashes everytime I quit

Can you send us the whole crash at

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