Splitting Multiple Artists

When I have an album that has 2 (or more) Artists , in my legacy system they are listed split with a semi colon so that both artists appear in the Artist View singly.

AS it seems takes a different approach and takes Alfred Brendel; Adrian Brendel and creates a comma separated artist Alfred Brendel, Adrian Brendel .

I see Adrian Brendel as an single artist BUT NOT Alfred Brendel as an individual Artist only as pairings despite there being many albums with him as the single artist. Indeed I have no access to these albums via Artist (there are around 70 albums). I have tried filtering for Artist, Album artist and Performer no joy !!


shows as Artist = Alfred Brendel but only accessible via albums

What am I doing wrong ??

With classical albums with multiple artists I delete the original meta data comma or semi colon separated entry and then add the artists individually in the artists section. This then ensures each artist has an entry in artists view. See example below for Kristian Bezuidenhout and Rachel Podger. Have you tried adding Alfred and Adrian individually?

Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 18.23.43
Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 18.24.22

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BUT I am talking literally thousands of tracks , I have them all perfectly correct on the old system , we are talking mega hours of work and probably not backward compatible

Nice thought but ….

Not picking up on say the individual Alfred Brendel looks buggy to me

Metadata handling seems to be different across all the apps I have used. The edit is the album, not per track. When you select the album open the metadata editor. You do not have to change each track.

Took me an hour or so for +- 100 classical albums. If not worth it for you I can relate…… There should be a standard that everyone adheres to. Native DSD and Qobuz where I purchase my music from are both different in their input of meta data and quite frankly lack any consistency. The online sources for metadata are equally as bad in my opinion.

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