Spotify Hifi integration

With announced upcoming Spotify hifi it would be a great feature to include Spotify connect or other Spotify integration into Audirvana.

So far Spotify have only suggested that they will stream at “CD quality” via their proposed HiFi subscription. No mention of higher quality streams from what I’ve seen (it’s quite possible that I haven’t seen more interesting announcements).
I haven’t seen any mention of pricing, but if anyone could provide links to actual factual info that would be very welcome.

As far as integration with Audirvana is concerned, that would depend on Spotify just as much as it would on Audirvna.
Have you contacted Spotify yourself to suggest it to them?

Spotify’s algorithms (particularly Release Radar and Discover Weekly) and Connect are really very good, but their lack of any serious audiophile-quality streaming is the reason I closed my account and subscribed to Qobuz.
Unless Spotify can do better than they have so far announced I’ll be staying with Qobuz, personally.

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Here’s an article by John Darko that explains well why Spotify is most unlikely to be allowed to be integrated with Roon or other third-party apps (such as Audirvana).

I think with the lunch of their HiFi tier with lossless CD quality Spotify create some serious competition. Personally if the keep the price at 10£ for their HiFi tier then my Qobuz subscription will be cancelled. I already have Spotify premium and CD quality is good enough for me.

Would definitely consider it over Tidal at 16-bit. I’m already a spotify subscriber and the value-add is likely worthwhile.
Is there a way to filter spotify through Audirvana right now?

The way Spotify works and functions drives you to use the Spotify app and Spotify connect. I don’t think this will change.

I just wish there was a way to use Tidals (suggest a track) in audirvana

@ OneMoreShot: I don’t understand what your post has to do with this thread - and you have already made your point in a separate thread of your own. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If by “filter” you mean “play”, then no - for the reasons explained in the link I posted above and also member Another_Audiophile’s post.

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