SQ in Studio vs 3.5

If some of you can’t hear the difference in SQ between Studio and 3.5, you should probably stop calling yourselves audiophiles or upgrade something in your system.


Oh we can hear. And there is a long thread on this.
But what are you saying? Which one do you prefer?

Is that either/or only ? I think we should have the option of both

Why the aggressive tone?


This is a forum with different people.
Some of them claim they are an audiophile and some of them are not.
Some of them say they hear a difference and some of them say they do not.
Some of them have expensive equipment and some others have not.
Some of them have a better hearing than others.
Some are young, some are old.
Some have a very different musical taste than some others.
Some of them care to hear a difference and others don’t.

So to which ‘some’ of this wildly diverse group of people are you referring exactly, or do you like speaking in absolutes?

Live and let live. Your way is not everybody’s way.


This is true, Andy.
And I would say: “Some of them don’t want to hear”.
It was proven true with V1.4.5. Some were so worried by the idea that they may hear the examples that we posted, that they decided not to listen to them.

Not intended.

Well, you definitely came across as aggressive, whether you intended to or not.

Instead of telling people that they need new ears or new gear, it would be infinitely more useful and helpful of you (and you are here to be helpful, I’m sure) if you would tell us what differences you hear between V3.5 and AS.

I haven’t yet tried AS since it’s useless to me without an Android remote, and I for one would be interested in what your ears told you. :slight_smile:


Wow dude chill.

I’m not an audiophile. Never was and never will be. I prefer listening to music.

I don’t hear a difference here between AS, 3.5 or Roon. They all sound good here. Both my local library and Qobuz. Much better compared to for example Apple Music. Both on my Windows laptop and my MacBook Air.

Do I have the best possible gear? No, not by a long shot. But what I have is good enough for me. And to me, that’s all that matters.

So what’s your experience sound quality wise?

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I’m with you sir, too much “upmanship” going on on this forum. We’re not one homogenous entity. My shit sounds great to me, could it sound better with a £500.00 speaker cable? Can’t be arsed to find out! My balanced XLRs work fine.

I could not understand which player sounds better to you, AS or A3.5?

But before or after a strong drink … :wink:

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I think mixing up quality and signature should revoke you, my dear kkinnon, from the audiophile membership program. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

By the way, there are currently two AS versions available, on two very different operating systems using two very different ways to deliver sound. Be precise when you belittle people.

Dear Thomas,

You certainly made an entrance.

I am sure that we may all learn an awful lot from you in audiophile terms, and I am looking forward to that.

And since this forum is a place where we exchange tips and solutions to problems, try and not miss a few suggestions to polish your etiquette.

Yours truly

My main reason for posting the comment was in support of whatever Audirvana is doing to improve the app. I wasn’t excited about the subscription model but it appears that’s now the way of the software world. At least we’re getting better SQ and UI. The SQ is amazing on my systems. Been an Audirvana user for a few years and nothing compares to the SQ, in my opinion. We just have to pay a little more now, but I think it’s worth it.

Now working on my etiquette regarding postings. Cheers!


Can’t argue with the SQ of AS… Though I don’t find it better than A3.5.


I just installed AS yesterday and can say that the difference in SQ is very noteceable but I’m not sure I’ll go AS since 3.5 might win this fight by the end of the trial.