Start playing DSD popping

Hello. I have a Windows-based PC, DAC Teac UD-505. All softwares, firmwares are up to date. I hear popping sound (2 pops) when I start playing DSD file. FLACs always play good. I tried different settings. Start, 2 loud pops, play. Only DSD. Please help me, thank you.

Hello. I do have the same problem.
This is also a windows-based pc (core i3 / 8gb RAM / SSD) with my Devialet 220 Pro on USB connection.
When I play DSD (using eithier DoP 1.0 or 1.1) there is a pop at the beginning of each track (even those playing gapless)
When I use DSD to PCM conversion, the issue is still present but in an extremely attenuated way.
Excepted this problem, playing dsd during track is good and no issue at all.
Flac is ok too.

Hi everybody!
I’m having the same issue with an IFI nano DSD. And I heard similar many times before. It was always referred as a problem in the driver software. If one of the Damiens was here, he would tell you to ask the manufacturer…

Hello @Shalamov_V and @superplouplou have you enable upsampling while trying to listening to your DSD files?

Hello Damien,

No I don’t use upsampling so it is not activated.

I send you my log this afternoon.

salut…as-tu eu une réponse pour ton problème ?