Start view too limited

@Antoine I strongly appreciate that you added the option to change the Start view, but imo this is quite limited. Why limiting to Library: Albums, when there are other sub-menus as Artists, Hi-Res and so on?

Could you please consider adding the possibility of choosing which sub-menu we want to start with when Audirvana launches?

Thanks in advance.


Or just the last view we have been when quitting… like… before in 3.5

Software goes forward in numbers but backward with options and mostly with the remote :disappointed:


We will add more option in a future update of Audirvāna Studio :wink:

This may be back with the update with more option for start view but can’t guarantee this :confused:


Thanks a lot for your answer @Antoine, glad to hear that. (you mentioned Studio only, but I guess Origin would receive the same update regarding this)

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Thanks Audirvana team for bringing more Start views in the recent 2.2.3.